Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Strength Training benefits during Chemotherapy

Researchers is Canadian just reported the positive effects that cardiovascular and strength training provide breast cancer patients during chemotherapy treatments. They found that the completion rate of treament, for patients that participated in either type of exercise was greater than for the patients that didn't perform any regular exercise.

Personally, I found that during my treatments I seemed to fair much better than many of the women that were receiving chemo treatment at the same time. I truly believe that by being physically fit going into my treatment and staying as active as possible during treatment made a big difference in my ability to handle to chemo.

I had times when getting out of bed was difficult to say the least, but I knew in a couple of days I would feel better. On those days when I had the energy to walk and get fresh air it always proved to be good for me both physically and mentally. Certainly, I wasn't able to keep up the same intensity that I did before surgery and chemo, but I did keep moving as much as possible. Remember doing something is better than doing nothing.

Many women complain of weight gain during chemo for breast cancer. This can be avoided or at least minimized by exercise. Exercise also helps you participate in your own health and well-being by being proactive during your journey. For me it was the one thing I had some control over instead of being passive.