Friday, September 11, 2009

Chemo Clothing

Exercise in style and comfort.
Designed with loose arm openings to address issue of Lymphedema. All of our clothing is made from wicking material to help deal with perspiration.
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Exercise is so helpful when dealing with Breast Cancer. Cool Chemo clothing helps you with our functional, stylish and comfortable clothing.
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Tara's view of the world: Confident Clothing Company

Tara's view of the world: Confident Clothing Company A great review about Confident Clothing Company. These are great clothes for women dealing with Breast Cancer to use for exercise or going about their active life.

Lymphedema and exercise

So nice that the major medical world (whoever they are) has finally come out of the stoneages and stated that weight training is good for Lymphedema.
This is similar to the old information on Arthritis; don't move any more than you have to.

I did a previous post about exercise and how it actually helped my Lymphedema. Of course you must start slow and light and work up to lifting heavier weights. This is true whether you are dealing with Lymphedema, just starting out or returning after an injury.

I always think of our bodies like a piece of machincery; It you don't maintain and use it regularly it is going to get old, stiff and rusty.

So keep on moving your body will last longer.