Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pilates for Breast Cancer Survivors

Pilates, in my opinion, is a wonderful way for Breast Cancer Survivors to get back to exercise after surgery.

The mat work is done on the floor so it takes less effort than standing up, which is less fatiguing.
It allows you to relax your body more. I like to take an inventory of my body and get in tune with all my muscles and see where I am holding stress. For most BCS this will be your neck, upper back and chest.

If laying on the floor is uncomfortable to you try laying on your bed to start out, or there are some thicker exercise mats you can get a sporting supply stores that will give you more cushioning.

You can start with simple breathing. Because of all the tension being held, this in its self is a good start.

Take your time and feel the stress relieving benefits of the Pilates exercises.

Please go to for great tips on Pilates for BCS.