Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tense and release for relaxation and sleep

One simple way to make yourself more comfortable whiling battling breast cancer and the many side affects is to try to relieve tension in your body. The following exercise is an easy way to do this and hopefully give you some comfort.

Start by laying down on your back on a comfortable surface. Your bed works well.

Make sure you don't have noise and interruptions if possible.

You can use rolled up towles or a pillow to support any body part that is sore or very sensitive.

I use a small pillow under my neck and sometime a pillow under my knees.

Begin with your breathing. Try to take deep full breathes.

Take a mental check list of how all parts of your body feel. Notice if you are holding tension and try to release it.

As you begin to tense and then release your body be sure you don't tense so much that you get a muscle cramp. Also be sure you are well hydrated and have gone to the bathroom. Remember to keep breathing. Don't hold your breathe this only causes more tension.

Now you are ready.

Begin with your feet. Tense your feet for a few seconds then release.

Next tense your lower legs for a few seconds then release.

Now your upper legs. Tense and release.

Now your buttocks. Tense and release.

Move to your stomach and lower back. Tense and release.

Upper back and shoulders are next. Tense and release.

Arms. Tense and release.

Hands. Tense and release.

Neck and Head. Tense and release.

Last tense and release your face.

Do 3 or 4 deep breaths.

Now go through that mental check list again and see how your body feels.

You can do this exercise as many times as you want.

Write me back with any questions.

Wishing you relaxation.