Monday, January 17, 2011

New video and posts at Well,then

I have recently posted some new articles and videos at Well,then The Well, then community is part of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. This site was created to encourage people to talk about what they to to be well. The area I write for is Living with Cancer. There are other topics you can visit in addition to Living with Cancer.

Please share your ways of living with cancer.


mosquito screens BY Mosquito Nick said...

Hi I also had breast cancer, but I was so afraid of the treatment I started looking around for other options, thats when i started to treat the cause of the cancer.
i also have a website, is it ok for me to post a link here
my name is Nicky Fox

Rachel said...

Great to stumble on your blog. Best of luck with your journey! Have you heard about FAMEDS fight for Avastin for the 17,500+ women with Metastatic Breast Cancer the drug is working for? Pleas sign & share:

Patricia Parker said...

Thanks for sharing the link to the site. The articles and videos are very informative.
Nice sharing and keep posting.
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Mohammad A. Millwala said...

well prevention is always better than cure and same is the early awareness.As breast cancer at early stages are curable.

MoLangley said...

Impressive, the article has a lot of information where patients do not know after they are suffering from cancer, specially i like the second part where someone has shared his personal experience. i think everyone has their rights to know about this.

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